Steve Crook, Live Nation

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We had the privilege of working with Steve Crook a lot this summer so we asked him to be our first production hero.

Hello Steve, we know your name, but where do you come from?

I come from Guildford in leafy Surrey.

What is your most recent project with Better Green?
I’m the Exec Producer for the Carlsberg Danish Quarter for Live Nation UK Limited.

How long have you been in the industry for? How many festivals did you oversee this year?
Straight from leaving University, so around 16 years now!  This year I covered 8 festivals, resulting in not really having much downtime throughout this year.

Highlight of the Summer 2018 season.

At work?
The sunshine. Always makes the job easier doesn’t it.

At play?
Working within an amazing team across all festivals, and making some fantastic friends and contacts in the meantime. Work was play this year.

Knuckles in mouth moment of the season?
I know it sounds a bit of a cop out, but apart from the standard tight build schedules, artists not arriving, and onsite producing hiccups of the shows… there wasn’t anything that majorly had us bashing heads together on how we were going to fix things. It all went fairly smoothly.

What brand would you love to work on given the chance?
Along with my love of music, I’m a massive sports fan and used to produce music shows for F1 and also had the honor of working with greats like Pele, which obviously was a dream. Therefore any brands associated with sports again would be fantastic.

What’s your flavour? Latitude, RiZe or Reading and why?
They are all so different… but probably Latitude, as it’s so relaxed and has a really nice vibe to it. You could stumble across something new each day, and it caters for all ages and is visually stunning.

Fav Festival UK or further afield?
I have been going to the Isle of White festival for many years now and love the whole experience of it. Driving to the ferry port, the crossing, and the effort everyone puts into making it feel like a proper trip away I think has a great feeling to it. It’s like a mini adventure, and have created some great memories with the team that run it, friends, family and hopefully in a few years my kids will also be able to experience it. Plus, apart from the odd year, its always sunny, it seems to have it’s own microclimate!

One I still have on my tick sheet though, has to be Burning Man. It looks insane and one I definitely want to experience soon. I haven’t heard a single bad word said against it from friends that have been before. It’s on the list.

How many pints were pulled at DQ? How many people went through the doors?
A lot!!

Who would you choose to sit and have a Carlsberg Export with and why?
Probably my wife… I haven’t been around that much this summer due to work, so would be good for her to be reminded of who I am again.

What’s the one thing you would want fellow industry peps to know about you?
I’m a good egg!!

 Who would you nominate to be interviewed next?
It’s such a big team that come together to produce these kind of productions and shows, so everyone deserves a bit of acknowledgement as everyone works very hard, both leading up to and on live days. The sound and lighting tech guys are always good value for money and have a few good stories to tell! Maybe those suppliers in one newsletter, however I know BG works a lot with RPM so BECKY BUNTING passing the baton to you, you can thank me later, make mine a Carlsberg.

And finally just few short words on what you think of Better Green?
They are a very approachable supplier, flexible, honest, and they get the job done!

And of course, if you have a brief you think we can help you with?

We would love to hear from you. 078 91 60 55 36 078 11 44 66 87