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We are regularly asked by clients to keep you updated on what has been happening at Better Green, to see what we are capable of and how this information could be useful to you and your future projects. We are very pleased to be launching this new industry focused monthly newsletter.

We promise you short and interesting highlights of our latest projects, bits of any industry gossip, some seasonal industry highlights and we are even going to pick one of you lovely lot to do a short interview with each month so you know who else is out there doing what you do, and…if it’s you we chat to this month, you also get to nominate the next interviewee.

 Thank you for reading, feedback always appreciated.


thE featureD project

Every month we’ll be featuring a recent project to showcase what we’ve been producing. This month’s spotlight is on:

Live Nation - The Danish Quarter - Carlsberg Export


Industry gossip, news and things that may help.

Reading & Leeds v Shambala



Every month we interview a Production Hero.
This month say hello to:

Steve Crook - Live Nation


Next Month’s Newsletter…

Summer is gone. Now what?

Bestival: Cashless system in 2019 or out of cash?

Who is: Becky Bunting @ RPM Agency?


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